Install our App!!

Download our app off Google Play.
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Install our App!!

Post by Thevillagecityteam » Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:13 pm

Click the link below to install the app on your mobile device. Currently we have just a basic app for Android. We are working towards an iTunes version. Please leave us a comment if you would like the app. You can still use the site in your mobile browser.

***One important note about the app. Currently the Share buttons don't work. They will allow you to share, but not bring you back to the app. You would need to close the app and re-open to get it back to the home page. You can also use your phones back button to get to the app Please bear with us as we work through these technical issues.

If you are on your mobile browser in Android you can click the link below to download the app.

Suggestions can be made Here.

The VillageCity Team

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