So what is the Supportive Economy? What can I do?

Find out more about the Supportive Economy. Like what is it?
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So what is the Supportive Economy? What can I do?

Post by Thevillagecityteam » Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:45 pm

But basically the Supportive Economy is: YOU! It is the people who have decided that they want to give more, contribute more, and get more support. It is a true "Sharing" economy. But not in the sense of what is out there right now. What is out there is not a sharing or helping economy. It is more like a taking economy. Now we are not saying people should not support themselves and their families - far from it. We are just suggesting that there could be different ways to do it.

There can be ways that you get more of the resources and support that you need. How many of you could use more support? More resources? We bet it's an awful lot of us. So take a look through the pages and see what you can do. Soon we will be introducing a new points system that will allow you to exchange goods and services right here on the platform. You will be able to earn points and then use them to get support that you need.

-Trade Stuff
-Buy Stuff
-Give Stuff
-Lend Stuff
-Offer advice
-Ask for help
-Offer Rides
-Charge for Rides
-Exchange rides for other services
-Meet people
-Organize groups

The best thing to do is get out on the site and start posting. We will build this new Supportive Economy together!

The VillageCity Team

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