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Daniel, Daniel and Ben! We are the Site Admins - Yeah!
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Daniel, Daniel, and Ben

Post by Thevillagecityteam » Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:53 pm

Hi we are he Admin team of VillageCity.net

As admins we are here to make VillageCity the best experience possible. Each of us comes from a background where we have struggled under the current system. Changing the system is one of our passions. We hope that you can help us do this too! It is really your community.

Generally the admins will monitor the site. Should you have any comments or feedback, please let us know. If it is something everyone should know, then post a reply or thread in the appropriate section. If you have some private comments, you can send us a message and we will try our best to get back to you.

Moderation. If you have any concerns about a post, please let us or a designated moderator know.

Thanks from Daniel, Daniel, and Ben! Remember we are human too, and as such we make mistakes. Please let us know if we need to adjust anything. Being open to learn and change is an integral part of this new supportive economy! Suggestions can be made Here.

The VillageCity Team

Out promoting VillageCity
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