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Filling out your user profile

Post by Thevillagecityteam » Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:51 pm

At VillageCity you can create a user name and identity that is unique to yourself. You can also create many user accounts if you wish. That said, there are some things we want to suggest as part of the Supportive Economy.

The online world, social media, and our general interactions with others online has become quite toxic lately. Many people are actually pulling back to get out of all the negative and UN-supportive, nasty things out there. So how can we change this?

-Be truthful and authentic! If you are engaging with people regularly, to buy, sell, trade, offer rides, rentals, romance, etc, post REAL pics and names. It's ethical, its genuine, and it's not fake!! There is so much Fake stuff online - let's try to keep it real here on VillageCity. It also will make it better dealing with each other. Now there are limits to disclosure. Sometimes disclosing too much, too soon is not good either. I mean, most people don't want to hear all your life problems on a first date. That would be problematic. Even full honesty is not something many want up front. It's just too much info. So if you decide to go with truthful, but selective disclosure, well that is perfectly ok. We will also allow people to post tasteful photos of anything on their profiles if you wish. This is not a porn site. Anything that is obviously sexual in nature will be moderated, and the user warned or banned.

*** For all people that registered on a browser directly on VillageCity you can click on your username, then click on "Edit Profile" to make changes.
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***If you are trying from the mobile app, or logged into the site via Facebook or Gmail click your user name and pick 'user control panel' then click profile. If you add a picture and it says 'fail to load' but the picture meets the file limits of 640x640 and 488kb, then just click 'submit' and the picture will be saved. There are many programs on Google play that will allow you to resize a photo if you don't already have that feature on your phone.
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