What can I do on VillageCity.Net?

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What can I do on VillageCity.Net?

Post by Thevillagecityteam » Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:53 pm

Here in the facts section we will try to answer your questions.

What can you do? Well the answer is almost limitless. It is only defined by you and a few things that we feel will help keep the spirit of the Supportive Economy alive.

You can Buy/Sell/Trade/give/lend stuff. What ways you want to do that are up to you. Please keep in mind our General rules for trading Here. Site rules HERE

You can find creative ways to exchange your goods and talents. Let us give you an example that I love. Say we have a senior that is able to teach the piano, but can’t cut his/her grass or shovel snow. Well they could offer piano lessons in return for shoveling snow. So this a supportive economy way of each person getting something from their exchange. Of course there could be the traditional way for using money as well. There could also be volunteerism. Maybe that senior needs help, but they are bed bound and can't offer much. Well helping them out for free is also part of the supportive economy.

But the sites potential does not stop with goods and services!! Rental, Rides, And Romance - something we are all in need of these days. Are you tired of the regular rental market? Try some ads here. Get creative? Is there any unique ways that you can post an ad or look for a place? Can you share your place temporarily? Can you offer a room for less rent, but an arrangement that the person does work around your home? Maybe you can just lend out your couch for a night? Remember safety, respect and caring are the hallmarks of the supportive economy. Reports of abuse will be taken very seriously by VillageCity. But common sense should also come into play. Maybe you need to meet that person face to face a few time before you can trust them? Maybe you need to check their references? We encourage all people engaging with each other to post real photos of themselves to their profiles. A big red flag would be a person with a different fact then what is posted online.

Same goes for the rides and Romance. If you are looking for either. Post real info. Be ethical and honest. Be courteous. Be on time for arranged rides. Be on time for dates! I mean really who likes to be waiting around for someone on a first date?! Be kind to each other. That said, you are all adults. No-one should be engaging in the Rides, Rental, Romance, section who is under the age of 18 years old.

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