Welcome to the New Supportive Economy!

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Welcome to the New Supportive Economy!

Post by Thevillagecityteam » Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:34 pm

Welcome to our New Supportive Economy! A true helping, caring, and sharing economy. All of us will make this the place where we can support ourselves and our society.

Welcome to VillageCity!! We are just starting out, so we depend on you to join us and make a difference! We know how hard it is to be the first out on the dance floor, so we will be active with you as much as possible. Also you can introduce yourself Here.

Check out our giveaway! Everyone who signs up has a chance to win. The more posts that you make the more entries you will get. There is more info Here.

Core Statements

“ Encouraging/Enabling a Community of Sharing and Caring”

“The World's First True Sharing Community”

“To connect people in a way that they can easily exchange support, goods, services, and to foster a true helping and sharing community”

“Freedom, Equality, and Social Support”

Vision Statement:

“To empower and connect people in a true and equitable sharing ecosystem. To allow people to exchange their talents, skills, goods, and capital on a platform designed for the benefit of all users. To allow users to change their lives, the lives around them, and the world for the better”

A lot of sites claim to be to be about social connections and support. We are developing VillageCity to be the world's first truly sharing and caring community. A place where all people can come to support both each other and themselves. Only when we support others and ourselves in a caring compassionate way, can we fully become a Global Village of human beings.

All cities started off as a Village. They grew to become cities. Within those cities smaller villages still exist. They are comprised of like minded people with things that they share in common. With VillageCity we hope to do the same. Start a village, become a city, become a global village and a global city. If we all support each other and ourselves, at VillageCity we believe it is possible.

In this economy we encourage you to: make friends, offer support, get support, offer your talents, make use of others talents, exchange goods and services, offer each other rides, meet in groups, attend and plan events. Be a village that grows with each other into a city. Like any village or city, we depend on your help to keep this a safe and welcoming space.

The VillageCity Team

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