How the Internet is (mostly) a Scam to sell you stuff

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How the Internet is (mostly) a Scam to sell you stuff

Post by Thevillagecityteam » Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:39 pm

Most of what you find online through Google is either paid ads, or sites disguised as legitimate info, but really just affiliate marketing. Even the hits you see that say "Is it a Scam?" Is also a clearly disguised site or Youtube video to direct you to the sites real backer. Lets expose some of this here.

Here is a Google search for a diet book "Fat Burning Kitchen" All the sites that are paid ads or deceptive sites pretending to be legit reviews of the "Book" have a arrow beside them(yes I know it is everyone - because they are all affliate marketing sites - aka FAKE sites to drive you to "buy" the book - which is actually free, but they get you to buy a whole lot of other things when they have you sucked in). And if I showed the second page they would all be fake sites too! This is not just for one item. I will do another example later, but it's for almost everything on Google.
Screenshot-2017-12-1 Fat Burning Kitchen - Google Search.jpg
Just for fun let's pick the so called "Review" - the 6th one down - they start at the top with a Lie: calling it a Honest Review. I have circled all the hidden embedded affiliate links down in Red. All the text in between is just ad text to make you believe they are actually reviewing the book. They even made a fake YouTube video at the bottom which is another fake thing disguised to sell you the "Book" and really it's not the book you are buying. You can get that for free. It's all the other health stuff the sell you once they have you hooked like a fish caught on a fishing line.
fake site3.jpg
more text and then hidden links
fake site4.jpg
Fake site5.jpg
So this whole site is made to look like a review site that is giving you good info, helpful info to help with your health, but just like 90% of the sites on the web it's just a FAKE site directing you to embedded(hidden/disguised) affiliate marketing links.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not against selling things to support yourself. At VillageCity, the marketplace is designed for you to support yourself and others. You and even us can use affiliate marketing, however, you cannot disguise a affiliate link as something else and not tell users of the site that it is an affiliate link. See your note on affiliate marketing HERE

Basically VillageCity is about truth, honesty, integrate and not being FAKE! Google and Facebook, and the whole internet are about lying to you to make money. At least let's be open about that.

Hopefully this has been educational, so that people can see the internet for what it really is, and make more informed choices. we hope that you will use VillageCity to start developing a more fair and transparent online environment.

The VillageCity Team

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