General Rules and Guidelines for Rides

Rides needed and offered to various places.
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General Rules and Guidelines for Rides

Post by Thevillagecityteam » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:28 pm

As with anything we are here to support ourselves and others. Kindness and ethical treatment of others is paramount. When organizing any rides, insure that you use common sense. We do not screen any of the people on this website. Take whatever necessary precautions you feel are needed.

- Consider only accepting rides after you have communicated several times with the person.
- Consider only taking rides during the day if you are not sure of the person.
- Consider options that involve riding with several people.

Those things said. There are lots of way you can support yourself an others. You could:

1. Offer to drive people for cash.
2. Offer to drive people in exchange for goods.
3. Offer free rides to places that you are already going.
4. Ask for a ride sharing arrangement with several people.
5. Car pool.
6. Come to other arrangements for ride sharing options.

Remember, unlike the other sites, we don't charge any fees. Your support of yourself and others goes 100% back to you. Get out there and support each other.


The VillageCity Team

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