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Products promoted on the Site(affiliate marketing)

Post by Thevillagecityteam » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:10 pm

At VillageCity we believe in being ethical and trustworthy. Unlike Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc etc we don't sell your information to 3rd party marketers. We don't tell you anything that we don't tell ourselves. We pay for all the cost of using this online community ourselves. We also want to be able to provide you with the best service possible. We don't want to be forced to sell out to people making their own agenda which is not to support you the user. But the bottom line is that we can only support the site by generating some income. One way is to ask for donations. You can support our GoFundMe campaign Here.

Or, if you see that we are promoting a product or service via an affiliate link, you can use that link to buy the product and we will get a small sum as a commission. Most of the blogs on the web are really just affiliate link sites that are driving you to buy something, but they disguise it as something else. I could post 100's of examples, but here is one. Any time you search for something and see a site that gives you info, I bet they have paid google to be at the top of the search and the site has several, if not dozens of disguised links to get you to buy what they recommend. Basically, most of the sites are crafted fiction to get you to click(secretly) on their affiliate links. It's one of the reasons we are starting VillageCity, to be a more open and transparent platform to support ourselves.

So anyone, who posts an affiliate link to a site/product that they will get a commission, MUST inform others that is the purpose. Failing to disclose, will result in the post removed and the user warned. Repeated violations will result in a ban.

Hey selling stuff to others is how our world works. It would be nice if we could do everything for free, gifting, volunteering, bartering, or developing new ways to get the things that we need. But until then we will continue to buy things. So if you do need or want something, please think of supporting us (which is really supporting you, as all funds go directly back into the site), by using one of our sponsored links.


The VillageCity Team

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